Extremadura Symphony. Badajoz, 14-VI-2008.

Brahms 2nd symphony.

“In the second part Amigo proved himself to be a good Brahmsian. It was a proud, solid and vertebrate symphony.”


                        Juan García Rico. Scherzo. July-August 2008


Extremadura Symphony. Badajoz , 26-IV-2008.

Mahler 1st symphony.

“Amigo drew the work with superb clarity and recognizable mahlerian sound”

“The outstanding dancing elegance of the central section in the second movement was achieved thanks to an intelligent use of the rubato”


                        Pablo J. Vayón. Scherzo. June 2008


Greenville Symphony Orchestra. The Peace Center Concert Hall

Works by Falla, Wolf and Brahms

“ Orchestral magic happened with Hugo Wolf´s “Der Corregidor” Suite. Amigo´s heartfelt reading of the work made it an audience favorite”.

“ Johannes Brahms Symphony nº 1 occupied the second half of the concert. Amigo, a spirited conductor, laid it out with well-chosen tempos and arching phrases that lingered, and the musicians gave it a thrilling, revealing and impassioned performance.”

                        Anne Hicks. The Greenville News. January 13, 2008


Orquesta de Extremadura. Auditorio Nacional. Madrid

Works by Glinka, Rachmaninov, Marco and Braga Santos

“ The Bilbao born Jesús Amigo is a sure and precise conductor with a great musicality. His versions don´t leave anything  to be desired “

                         Carlos Gómez Amat. El Mundo. 27-9-2005


Orchestra da Camera Florentina. Chiesa di Orsanmichele. Firenze

Works by Bizet, Elgar. Holst…

“ Jesús Amigo hits the nail on the head. His performance was popular with the audience. We could highlight the clarity of his interpretation and his Mediterranean sensibility, specially with the two Brittish composers. So we listened to an Elgar totally respected in his elegiac and romantic style ( sublime the Serenade´s Larghetto ) and a Holst almost Latin.”

                         Roberto Corsi. Il Corriere di Firenze. 29-4-2003


Orquesta de Extremadura. Teatro Romano de Mérida. Pepe Romero ( guitar )

Works by Verdi, Rodrigo, Beethoven…

“ Great performance under the serene and elegant baton of  Jesús Amigo who conducted the whole concert by heart, receiving a warm and enthusiastic ovation “


                          E. G. Barroso. Diario Hoy. 18-7-98


Orquesta Sinfónica del Real Conservatorio Superior. Auditorio Nacional. Madrid.

Works by Beethoven, Schumann…

“ Jesús Amigo is a conductor with an efficient and graceful gesture, sure memory and a good interpretative concept. “

                             Antonio Iglesias. ABC 16-6-98